2009 Montiel Ace Race


The 2009 Montiel Ace Race will be held on Saturday, October 17th, from 10am to 4pm.  This event has a unique format - players play 36 holes of golf, but only tee off!  The only thing you record on your scorecard is whether you get an ace on a hole or if you hit some part of the metal basket with your tee shot - no putting involved (Do I hear applause?).  Several of the Montiel Park holes will be made shorter with alternate tees, to make it more fair for shorter throwers, and to increase the number of holes-in-one.

This event is being held to raise funds for the new disc golf course being built at Cal State San Marcos.  The San Diego Aces have pledged $2,500 towards the course, and this is one way we're raising the money.

You can play your 36 holes with whomever you want - make up your own groups.  Also, there will be no official tee times or start times for the rounds.  Play your 36 holes early in the morning or later in the afternoon, or split it up - half in the morning half in the afternoon.  It's your choice!  There will be some other fun events going on that day.  Last year's Mini-Disc Golf Ace Race was a big hit.

In order to play you must purchase a player pack for $25, which includes two brand-new prototype Discraft discs, a mini-Ultrastar and a Discraft hat (a $55 value!).  We will have a limited number of player packs for sale, so enter early  - Last year there were very few player packs available on the day of the event, and we have many more players at Montiel now!  Print out the form below and send it in with payment, or pay via PayPal to ajrisley@yahoo.com.

See you there!!!


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2008 Montiel Ace Race (Sponsored by Discraft)

36 Holes on a modified layout

Sunday, October 5th, 2008 (43 players)

Ace Race Results

1st Jeremiah Price 2 Aces, 1 Metal Hit ($9)
2nd Ben Rutherford 1 Ace, 1 Metal Hit ($18)
2nd Danny Zwolenski 1 Ace, 1 Metal Hit ($18)
4th Max Rumbaugh 1 Ace ($22.50)
5th Dave Roper 3 Metal Hits
6th Todd Bentley 2 Metal Hits
7th Alex Lawn 1 Metal Hit
7th Dave Vincent 1 Metal Hit
7th Jeff Nichols 1 Metal Hit
7th Joel Rogers 1 Metal Hit
7th Michael Shaw 1 Metal Hit
7th Scott Bowers 1 Metal Hit
7th Scott Dickson 1 Metal Hit
7th Trevor Patterson 1 Metal Hit
7th Richard Hockaday 1 Metal Hit

Mini Ace Race Results

1st Don Vincent 1 Mini-Ace, 1 Mini-Hit ($36)
2nd Allison Wylot 1 Mini-Ace
3rd Scott Lawn 2 Metal Hits
4th Alex Lawn 1 Metal Hit
4th Trevor Patterson 1 Metal Hit