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2010 Montiel Ice Bowl
2010 Couples Montiel Ice Bowl
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100_6340 by Rizbee.
Hole #3 - Distance: Tee A - 129ft, Tee B - 228ft

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From the designer: If you thought Hole #2 was simple and short, you'll probably think the same about Hole #3.  Come back and see me if you can play it ten times in a row with only birdies.  The trickiest think about #3 is the change in elevation - it goes up 30 feet in its 129 feet of length.  Once again, if you go hard for the ace run and miss you will be left with another precarious downhill putt that could easily travel 20 to 30 feet past the basket, or even farther in the summer when the grass is dead.  Walk a hundred feet down the hill to the B tee and get ready to crank.  As I like to tell people, "this is the longest 228 foot hole you'll ever play."  The rise is almost 40 feet and there's usually a tail wind.  Typically you'd think a tail wind helps, but in this case since you're throwing nose up (up the hill) the tailwind pushes your disc down into the ground.  You'll need to throw a driver...

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