Hole #7



Montiel Park DGC
2010 Montiel Ice Bowl
2010 Couples Montiel Ice Bowl
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100_6352 by Rizbee.
Hole #7 - Distance: Tee A - 229ft, Tee B - 330ft

Sponsor: Shasta Landscaping

From the designer: Many players have reached hole #7 at 6 under par, only to leave hole #7 at 6 or 5 under - it's a rally killer.  Tricky combination of blind left to right curve, downhill with slope away after the basket, guarded by rocks and trees and OB down the right hand side.  And oh yeah, the right-most power pole in the picture above is a mandatory - you MUST play to the left of the pole - no throwing out over the private backyards.  That goes for the B tee, too!

The Local's View:  A.J. Risley, San Marcos resident and co-course designer:  Hole 7 is somewhat of a wake-up call to those expecting to throw an "easy" 9 down.  The mandatory left of the pole, forces a tough righty shot around the brush.  After throwing and throwing this hole with scattered results, I decided to develop a lefty hyzer to avoid the trouble.  Where some might have found this hole as a roadblock in their game, I saw it as a stepping  stool to new heights.