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Montiel Park DGC
2010 Montiel Ice Bowl
2010 Couples Montiel Ice Bowl
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100_6491 by Rizbee.
Hole #7 - Distance: Tee A - 336ft, Tee B - 425ft

Sponsor: North County Yamaha

From the designer: Holes 8 and 9 are very similar and play the role of getting you back down the hill at the end of the round.  I knew that the right-to-left headwind would end up being one of the trickiest hazards on this hole.  Combined with the downward slope, the wind makes choosing your line very important.  More shots are ending up in the riparian habitat than I originally expected, although I think we're seeing that as people play the course more they understand how easy it is to get caught by the wind and end up over the fence OB.  The trees down the right side of the fairway make it difficult to throw straight at the basket if you want to get close, so many right-handed throwers uncork big hyzers out over the street.  This, of course, brings the power pole and its attached guy wire into play...

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