Hole #9



Montiel Park DGC
2010 Montiel Ice Bowl
2010 Couples Montiel Ice Bowl
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Sunset Park DGC

Hole #9 - Distance: Tee A - 354ft, Tee B - 458ft

Sponsor: Team Rizbee

From the designer: Hole #9 provides all players with the opportunity to let loose with a big throw.  For some players, they won't be able to let it all hang out unless they're throwing from the B tee, but even from the A tee it's a pretty good huck.  Landing one close to 9's basket can be tough, especially in the summer months, because of the skip that most shots take off of the hardpan around the basket.  Many players are now trying to calculate how far to the side they have to skip their hyzer shots in order to get close.  Straight shots or turnovers are really hard here because of the way the ground slopes away after the basket - it's very easy to end up 50-60 feet past the basket when you thought you were going to place it very close.

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