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The Tour de Rizbee 2008 is about to begin!  This year will be a little different than previous years, but should be just as fun!  We are adding a new tour member to the group - Katie Rizbee!  Katie isn't as interested in disc golf as her father and brother, so we're adding in some stops on the itinerary just with her in mind.  Also, for the first time in Tour de Rizbee history we will be incorporating air travel into the trip.  We'll be flying from San Diego to Syracuse, NY with our eventual destination being Rome, NY, the home of Granny Rizbee.  We'll be staying with Granny for  few days, then hitting the road for four days, with New England as our destination.  After we do the whirlwind tour of New England we'll head back to Rome for a few more days before flying back to sunny SoCal. 

The younger Rizbees have never been to New England, and Rizbee the elder has only been there once, many years ago.  Disc golf in new England is a completely new adventure for us, and we're looking forward to it.

Here's our (very rough) itinerary for the road trip portion of our vacation:

  • Mon., July 7 - leave Rome, NY, towards northern Vermont, planning to play Hyzer Creek in Saratoga Springs, NY; overnight in northern Vermont

  • Tues., July 8 - watch out, Vermont Teddy Bears and Ben & Jerry!!  Also expecting stops at Sugarbush and Waterbury; overnight in Southern Maine

  • Wed., July 9 - we'll play somewhere in Maine, eat some lobster rolls, check out the L.L. Bean store

  • Thurs., July 10 - can you say Marshall Street?  Connecticut, too!

  • Fri., July 11 - on the road back to that the Appian Way?

Along the way we'll be on the lookout for bears, moose, covered bridges, maple syrup and any crazy roadside attractions we can find.  It's the Tour de Rizbee, after all!

If you have a recommendation of a stop for us on our tour of Yankeeland, please send an e-mail to Rizbee Sr.

Thanks, and we'll see you on the road!!!


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