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Here's what the Rizbees are carrying right now:

























Revolution Team Texas Bag w/ Quadshock Straps

150g Gummy Champ Sidewinder - Hyzer-flip and turnover drives

160g Champ Sidewinder - Hyzer distance drives and slight headwinds

155g Gummy Champ Valkyrie - Straight, anhyzer and flex distance drives

153g Champ Teebird - Medium hyzer, flex and straight drives

150g Champ Firebird - Big hyzer and drives

150g Champ Leopard - Shorter drives and long approaches, turnovers

160g Champ Starfire - Headwind hyzer drives

157g Champ Beast - Headwind straight drives

150g Champ Stingray - Longer straight and anhyzer approaches

162g Star Rancho Roc - Longer straight and hyzer approaches, short drives, headwind approaches

165g Millenium Aurora - Dead straight approaches

167g Gummy QMS - Wicked anhyzer approaches and shorter drives

171g DX "Hands" Aviar Putt and Approach - Straight and anhyzer approaches, touch hyzer backhand putts

172g Gummy Champ Rhyno - Short backhand shots over obstacles, general utility disc, long turbo twist putts

170g Supersoft Putt'R - Putts and turbo twist putts inside 40ft

165g Whittler - Long putts/approaches (40-90ft), low ceiling air-bounce putts

170g DGA 1983 WDGC Shuttle Puppy - Touch approaches and putts +40 feet

On deck:

152g Champ Monarch - Rollers, long low turnover drives

157g EGR Helios - Long drives on open holes - max distance disc

165g DX Wolf - Short turnover drives


  Extras: PDGA Rulebook!

PDGA membership card

Montiel Park Mini

Black Mini Sharpie

Fischer Space Pen


PDGA Legacy bagtag #1752

SoCal Member bagtag #549

SoCal Challenge bagtag #84 (currently)

Callaway, PGA or Emerald Isle cotton golf towel

Snapdisc Sports chamois towel

Bottle opener

Nalgene 1-litre water bottle

Assorted medicines (Aleve, Advil, Excedrin)



Very little cash L


  Rizbee Jr.:





Revolution Dual Pro Bag w/ Quadshock Straps

172g Black Inferno w/2007 Ice Bowl stamp- Straight crushes

167g Pro Starfire- Flex shots and Hyzers

165g Scream DT- Hyzer flip shots and Rollers

170g Pro Teebird-L- Headwind and Hyzer Fairway Drives

172g Elite X Glide w/2006 Memorial Stamp- Hyzer Flip and Turnover Fairway Drives

150g Gateway Element X- Straight Sort Range Drives and Hyzer Upshots

167g DX Aviar - putts and approaches



  Extras: SoCal Member bagtag #550

SoCal Challenge bagtag #190

Tie-dye towel